1. Must sign a waiver before jumping.

  2. Socks required (Jump Socks are required for the trampoline park), no shoes or bare feet on trampolines and inflatables. 

  3. Weight Limit: 250 lbs for trampolines. 

  4. One person per trampoline section.

  5. One person in the foam pit at a time. 

  6. No back flips into foam pit.

  7. No hanging on the rim of the basketball hoop.

  8. No leaning on the nets in the trampoline park.

  9. No running.

  10. Empty pockets, remove jewelry, belts with buckles or sharp objects.

  11. One child at a time down the slides. Parents please do not go down with child.

  12. No bouncing at the top of the slides; sit and slide down the inflatable.

  13. Feet first when going down slides, lift arms to prevent elbow burn.

  14. Do not stand at the bottom of the slide or climb backwards up the slide – use the steps.

  15. Big people respect little jumpers, do not bounce at the same time. Only equal size people bounce at the same time.

  16. Physical contact, ball beaming, flips or stunts can result in expulsion from premises.

  17. Stay on inflatables’ intended course of play and do not go behind inflatables.

  18. Enter and exit equipment properly. No climbing over side walls.

  19. No food, drink, candy or gum in the bounce area.

  20. A birthday party MUST be booked in order to bring in birthday items such as cake, presents, etc. There will be an additional $50.00 charge if this rule is broken. 

  21. Minor Participation: Any person 15 and older are allowed to jump without a supervising adult as long as a waiver is already on file. You must be at least 18 years old to fill out a waiver for a minor. Anyone under the age 15 must have a person 18 years and older supervising at all times. Anyone under the age of 18 may not supervise their younger siblings, friends, cousins, etc. This rule is strictly enforced because it is the law.

Additional rules will be explained by the staff, please follow them.